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King David in an hour and ten minutes


The King David workshop for which Jennie Kiffmeyer and I have prepared so long finally happened today, and I’m still feeling joyful and thankful about it. Thirty people came! We couldn’t believe it! We had (of course) enough material for at least twice the time – but conversations started that I hope will continue. I loved seeing people start to wrestle with the story. It’s so important that we don’t let the harshness of the story drive us away from it so that we don’t hear what it has to teach us.

I need to go to bed. I’m wiped! But I am so thankful that it went well.


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Shoulder-Deep in the Late Bronze Age

Spring has arrived in Bloomington and this Saturday Jennie Kiffmeyer and I will present our workshop Shepherd, Dancer, Poet, King РTeaching and Telling the Stories of King David at a diocesan conference in Indianapolis. We have worked hard, thought hard  and entered deeply into the story Рand I am looking forward to sharing it.

Then I have a telling coming up for some girl scouts, and then Holy Week and Easter, which is a kind of embodied storytelling in itself. I will be telling the first Creation story at the Easter Vigil. And then Eliot and I go to the Netherlands for three or four weeks – he has business there and has graciously invited me to go along.

There is nothing going on in my head except King David, Saul, Samuel, Abigail, Hannah, and so forth. The story is so big it’s like a magnet, pulling reality towards and into the story. I can’t find closure for this pathetic little script of a post except to say that I am shoulder-deep in the Late Bronze Age.

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