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(Spelling errors corrected 12/9, with apologies to all you Euors.)

I had a couple of storytelling gigs in October that fell through – and then another one appeared unexpectedly – so I got to do some telling about Moses. The Society of Biblical Literature’s journal Semeia – no longer published – had a special issue in the 90s on slavery in the Bible with some wonderfully confrontational writing from African-American biblical scholars discussing how white European and American biblical scholars pretty up slavery in the Bible. It felt wonderful to read their passion and their honesty, and to look at the Moses story again with a livelier sense of the story as an escape from slavery.

And the tiny, determined Bible study I am in is reading 1 Corinthians, where slavery is on Paul’s mind as well. To read him wth understanding, we need to know how ugly and degrading it was to be a slave. When Paul says, “You were bought with a price!” to affluent, privileged people it is intentionally and deeply challenging. To them and to me.

I have one telling coming up in December and I’m also working on our church’s annual telling of Nicholas, A Garland of Stories for the Nights Before Christmas.

And what am I recovering from – me and everyone else I know? The election. What an amazing, intense, emotional experience!


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