A long silence…

It doesn’t look so good when somebody doesn’t blog anything for four months, does it? Here’s what I was doing.

Liturgy was extremely complicated for a while. I am deeply involved in liturgical planning for our church, Saint David’s, and here came Palm Sunday / Holy Week / Easter Day / Easter Lessons and Carols / Pentecost, just booming right along, with the earliest beginning to Lent that I remember. I didn’t really get my feet under me during this time – just kept skating right along.

Then, commencing two days after Pentecost, we had a month-long family trip – which was wonderful, but did not afford much opportunity for collecting my thoughts, much less writing them down.

I had two storytelling gigs in May – triffic! – but then, for an assortment of reasons, they both dissolved. This was a bit dispiriting and as I traveled I did some brooding about how to do a better job connecting with people who might like to hear a story. The outcome of this is my new web site, much flossier than the old web site, with many new offerings and ideas. Believe me, dear Reader, it’s hard to promote your own work. But until I can afford to hire a publicist (joke) I’m all I’ve got.

Happiness is – organized books. I can say to myself, gee, self, I wonder if “Parliament of Birds” would work up into a story? – and I can go put my hand on that book. Pardon me while I pat myself on the back.


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