Putting Down the Great Story, Picking Up the Other Stories

lyla.jpgThe tree is down, the ornaments are put away, the Christmas cards are done, and I’ve made a start on the thank-you-notes. I remember with considerable chagrin all the years when I thought the Nativity stories were sentimental and boring – this was before I got whacked upside the head by the interpretive genius of Raymond Brown. Now I look forward to recollecting these stories at Christmas, and to being stirred by the passion for justice and renewal that breathes through them.

Which is not to say I’m not ready for it all to be over. (As you can see, Lyla has had enough Christmas, too.) Time to take up some different stories. On the liturgy-done-well listserv we’re already talking about the difficult liturgies for Palm Sunday.

It’s also time to plan my first mailing of 2008 so I’m working again at thinking of ways to explain what I do. I hope to get the website’s list of storytelling programs updated tonight, after a Bloomington Storytellers Guild meeting in about half an hour.


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