Getting used to my face…

Nothing much lately is reminding me that I’m a storyteller – although my other responsibilities are showing no hesitation at all about claiming my time. So today I’m thinking about one of the hard things about being a performer: I’m not pretty. I ask myself, why would anybody want to look at me? I try to give them good reasons – mainly along th lines of having something worthwhile or entertaining to say – but today my plan is to expse my poor old 59-year-old face to the world. Maybe I can get used to looking at it?


I’m not sure this is going to do much for my blog stats.

The Nicholas play at Saint David’s went well – I love seeing people grab my story and run with it! Now we’re planning a Twelfth Night program which  will include jugglers and, hopefully, a dancing bear. Well – a dancing person in a bear suit.



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2 responses to “Getting used to my face…

  1. Sandy

    Beauty comes from within my friend. And that makes you absolutely STUNNING!

  2. Thank you! I’m glad someone realizes my mysterious charm – P.

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