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New Carol for First Sunday After Christmas, December 30


There are mighty few carols in the Episcopal Church that speak to John 1:1-18, the lection for the first Sunday after Christmas. In order to advance the squad I have written a new song text, and here it is. Permission for local non-profit use is hereby given – but please let me know! It is a Long Meter tune and fits particularly well with Robert Buckley Farlee’s tune Berglund.

In the beginning was the Word,
the Word with God, the Godding Word.
By this Word all things came to be,
the galaxies and stars and worlds.

This Word took flesh and lived with us,
and walked with us, and broke our bread.
It wept and laughed and healed and blessed,
and told strange stories of our God.

Grace upon grace have we received,
forgiveness, mercy, hope, delight,
an empire made of righteousness
known by the Word of God’s own heart.

O gracious Light of new-made hope,
enduring Light, not overcome,
worthy are you, O Living Word,
of joyful praise throughout all time.

(C) 2007 Pamela Grenfell Smith, This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. This means that you are free to use and adapt it, so long as (1) you attribute authorship and copyright to Pamela Grenfell Smith, (2) your use is non-commercial, and (3) you may not copyright your adaptation of this work under a more restrictive copyright.


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Getting used to my face…

Nothing much lately is reminding me that I’m a storyteller – although my other responsibilities are showing no hesitation at all about claiming my time. So today I’m thinking about one of the hard things about being a performer: I’m not pretty. I ask myself, why would anybody want to look at me? I try to give them good reasons – mainly along th lines of having something worthwhile or entertaining to say – but today my plan is to expse my poor old 59-year-old face to the world. Maybe I can get used to looking at it?


I’m not sure this is going to do much for my blog stats.

The Nicholas play at Saint David’s went well – I love seeing people grab my story and run with it! Now we’re planning a Twelfth Night program which  will include jugglers and, hopefully, a dancing bear. Well – a dancing person in a bear suit.


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