A wonderful gift


Don and Margaret Jones joined us for Thanksgiving this year. I was going on and on about Tom Boomershine’s practice of carrying a Greek New Testament around with him – one he obviously has been using since he was in seminary, maybe thirty years or so? My situation is, I don’t want a NEW Greek New Testament, I want to be a person who has been carrying around my own Greek New Testament for thirty years or so.

Don and Margaret came out to Saint David’s to orship the next Sunday and Don gave me this wonderful gift – this is his Seminary copy of the Greek New Testament. I am very proud and very grateful to write my name under his, inside the front cover.



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2 responses to “A wonderful gift

  1. Couldn’t imagine how would a better writer of skill would write.

  2. I have a Greek New Testament that I inherited from some good friends who spent some time at an evangelical college before deciding they weren’t actually all that Christian after all. I’ve started taking it with me to my Mark class – I can’t make much of it but it does allow me to see where the Greek is using the same words repeatedly, even if the NRSV has, for reasons best known to itself, turned them into different words. Even that little bit of working with the Greek is so rewarding… like discovering that Nicodemus says “dunatai” four times in Lent II’s lesson! You just don’t notice the repeated “can”s in the NRSV’s English – “can” is too trivial a word, the repetition isn’t noticeable. Anyway – this post makes me more determined to keep carrying my little red Greek NT around with me.

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